Oct 20, 2011

What are the biggest mistakes mobile app developers make?


Here's a new article that answers your question. It lists a bunch of mobile mistakes that drive users crazy. 




For me, the points from the article that really stand out are #1 and #5. I feel like many mobile apps try to do too much, but are ultimately confusing. Also, I'm always turned off when a mobile app makes me register immediately, especially if they ask me to log in with Facebook or Twitter before I even use the app. I usually just uninstall the app immediately when that happens.


Here's a recent article on the topic:

Making money with mobile apps

From the article, developers share the following mistakes they've seen:

Mistakes to avoid

Finally, each of our experts offered their thoughts on the most common mistakes that mobile apps developers make:

Burke: "Giving up too early. If you look at the apps that made it big, they've often been growing for a year or more, or they're only the most recent of several apps that have been made by the developer. ‘Overnight success' can take a long time."

Pratt: "The most common mistake is to neglect marketing. A developer cannot merely build and ship a product. He/she also must have a plan to market the apps. Most apps stores are filled, and to succeed you must get noticed."

Reddick: "The biggest mistake developers make is focusing on downloads versus usage."
Hi beatrix1,

I think some of them chase trends too much and then app stores end up clogged with similar apps. Remember the fart apps craze on the iOS app store? At first the fart apps were funny, but then there were just too many of them and they were too similar.

It's stuff like that that really has the potential to discourage users. I can understand the developers wanting to chase potential revenue streams, but it does get ridiculous sometimes.

I'd rather they focused on creating something original and/or useful in a niche that isn't already clogged with apps.
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