Oct 18, 2011

How can I enforce corporate governance policies on our Sharepoint server?

Like most mid-sized corporations, our company grew organically until it was big enough to require certain kinds of structures to make things work better as we scaled up. Initially our AD infrastructure was small, but we're tightening things up now and running a lot of group policy scripts to protect the users from themselves. However, we have a couple of departments that use Sharepoint and up until now we've treated them as tiny islands. Is there an easier way to manage corporate governance policies on Sharepoint so we can bring these servers under the IT department's control?



Microsoft has been working on governance issues for Sharepoint since 2004 or so, and you can learn a lot about managing Sharepoint in a corporate environment by checking out the articles in Technet. Licensing obviously varies based on your Microsoft licensing agreements, but the costs are about $6000/server, or if you're running a farm of Sharepoint servers, it can cost close to $5000 + $1200 per server on the farm. If the IT department is to take ownership of multiple Sharepoint servers, there may be some benefits to migrating them to virtual machines and running them on some kind of cluster to make maintenance a little more homogeneous.




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