Sep 13, 2015

I am original owner of ipod touch but I let my friend use it and her cousin changed the apple id now she doesn't remember it. Can apple fix this problem ?

So I am the original owner of a 5th gen apple ipod touch I have the box and receipt with all matching numbers to prove it. I let a friend borrow the ipod then she let her cousin use it and her cousin changed the apple id to her info and now she doesn't remember it. Would apple be able to fix this issue or am I screwed?
If you have installed iTunes and registered the device and used it, you would know you already have what you need to recover your account.
1. Power down the device. Wait for it to completely shut down.
2. Connect the USB cable to your computer and start iTunes. DO NOT plug in the iPhone/iPod yet.
3. Press and hold the home button on the iPhone/iPod. While holding it, plug the USB cable into the phone. Keep holding the home button until "Connect to iTunes" appears on the screen, or iTunes says it has detected an iPhone/iPod in recovery mode.
4. Restore the iPhone/iPod to factory, update if it asks. If you have a previously saved backup of the device in your iCloud, you can now restore from that or simply start using it as a new device.
The evidence you have is insufficient to prove ownership. Your best bet is to go to Apple store with proof of purchase or try to persuade the manager that you are the rightful owner. Your story is cute but lacks evidentiary suport.
You can have the cousin recover their id and password. Apple ID is usually the email address they used to register. Apple allows you to find your ID by filling out the info you used to register. Try this link

Here's Apple's support page for this:

If that doesn't work and you have proof of purchase, you can contact Apple support and they should be able to reset it for you.
According to the story, "proof of ownership" is exactly what is missing. If you read the story carefully, the statement of the alleged facts makes the story suspect. It does not hold water. Without more Apple will not buy it. Now if Apple can trace the true owner with the device in hand, that is different. However, if turns out that the Tablet is stollen, whom ever had it, will face felony charges because of the amount, the cost, involved.
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