May 06, 2011

What data should not go into the cloud?

Are there any hard and fast rules? Best practices?

If public cloud http://www.hpcloud.com, be very careful about your personal info! If private https://www.apponfly.com/en/ you don't need to pay as much attention. But make sure you know the terms &conditions!

If its a public cloud dont upload any confidential data like bank information, clients etc... in a private cloud there are no ascertain restrictions as of now. The most important thing you should have a full review is Service Level Agreement from the cloud provider, make sure confidentiality is maintained and assured.



Sandeep Seeram


There are no hard and fast rules. Many companies make the mistake of believing they must retain "important" data in their own on premise data center. But, the question isn't what should not go into the cloud, but rather, whether your own data center is prepared to handle that which you choose not to put into the cloud. "The fallacy of direct control" is a frequent mistake, whereby decision makers believe that having your hands on data and applications necessarily makes it more secure. Such is not the case. Cloud data centers are typically very highly secure and robust just out of competitive necessity, and the cloud provider will often devote more resources to maintaining a state of the art data center than a small business would be capable of doing. So the big question is: If you're worried about a particular data set, is your own data center up to the task of protecting it? If not, the cloud will afford better protection.


Organizations are moving all kinds of data to the cloud, including data which some might consider private or mission critical. However, smart decision-makers are not only thoroughly evaluating the Cloud provider's security capabilities, reliability record and privacy policies to safeguard their data, they are also implementing back-up and recovery programs to ensure that the data isn't lost.

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