Sep 08, 2015

How to block ads on YouTube when using Chrome browser?

Adblock has stopped working on youtube when I watch it through my Chrome browser. Now I am literally being forced to watch 3 minute long ads if I want to watch a 20 second video clip. I generally whitelist websites I use regularly because I want to support them, but there is no way I’m going to watch ads like YouTube is forcing on me. Up until a few days ago AdBlock worked with the Chrome browser on YouTube. How can I get AdBlock to stop ads on YouTube again?
I ran into this issue on my Chromebook. Simply uninstalling the app and going to YouTube directly through the Chrome browser fixed it.
From what I’ve seen online, there’s a couple of workaround to tackle this, I haven’t tried them so not sure how well they work, but give it a shot. The easiest one is whitelist YouTube in the popup blocker, this should bring the Skip button back. Try removing the YouTube Chrome app or try a different blocker (like ublock origin) as not all were affected.
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