Sep 04, 2015

Wifi is not working on my asus laptop?

I have a asus laptop and it was working fine last night. but suddenly this morning wifi is not working fine. i have tried to update the wifi driver on my asus laptop but it is still not working. could you please help me with it.
Do you use commend prompts to set wifi hotspot? Maybe you can try to use WiFi creator such as OSToto Hotspot to create WiFi hotspot on laptop again. If the problem still happen, I think you need to fix the system!
Check you network status icon on your taskbar systray. Does it show any available networks?

Can you or anyone else connect any other device, PC or mobile, to the WiFi network?
Are you getting any error messages?
First of reboot your laptop, then toggle the wifi switch/button off and on. Try the Windows troubleshooter tool. You can also restart the router (turn off for a minute).
Does your network icon on your taskbar notification area show any WiFi networks available?

Can any other people or devices connect to the same WiFi network you were using? Mobile phones can test this.

If yes to the above, did you try clicking "connect" on the network you want to connect with?
Step 1: Troubleshoot your WiFi adapter:

Are you connecting to a home WiFi router or a public hotspot?

Are other devices or people connecting ok? Did you try connecting a mobile phone to the same WiFi network?

Look to see if you have a network icon in your system tray. What does it tell you?

Does it say no networks are available?

If networks are shown, is the one you were connected to still available?

If yes, then click to connect to that one.

If no network icon visible in tray, go to control panel and then disable and then re-enable the wireless adapter.

Then re-check above steps.

Step #2 Troubleshoot your WiFi router:

If you are using your own WiFi router and nothing can connect to it, you may need to reboot the router (or just turn off the power, wait 30 seconds, then turn it back on).

Give it a few minutes to complete the startup, then repeat Step #1 above.
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