Sep 03, 2015

What does MacKeeper do to Macs?

I regularly see ads for MacKeeper with promises to clean up and optimize your Mac. I also see posts about people who have problems with their Macs after installing it. Just to be clear, I have no intention of installing it, but I would like to know what it actually does? Is it all snake oil, or does it actually offer some benefits?
MacKeeper is a set of tools intended to clean up and optimize your mac’s performance. Among others it has tools for safe browsing, antivirus, data encryption and recovery, backup, disk usage analyzer, and cache remover.
Some of the reasons you see a lot of negative reviews according to their explanation to cult of mac “a negative PR campaign from a rival company; Zeobit’s aggressive advertising tactics; out-of-control affiliates; and confusion among users between MacKeeper (legit software) and MacDefender (a Trojan).”
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