Sep 03, 2015

How to sync and automatically backup iPhone photos to the cloud using Google Drive?

Can I automatically backup my iPhone photos to the cloud using Google Drive? I know it’s an iPhone and not an Android phone, but I’ve been using Google for years and would like to have access to all of my files in one place.
You can do this from the drive app by turning on auto backup. Here are the steps:

"You can turn Auto Backup on and off using your iPhone or iPad as long as you are using the new version of Drive on your desktop.
1.Open the Drive app on your device.
2.Touch the menu icon in the top left .
3.Touch the settings icon .
4.Touch Auto Backup.
5.Touch Auto Backup and switch the toggle On or Off.

Once Auto Backup has been turned on in Drive, your photos and videos will be automatically backed up across your Google Account."
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