Sep 02, 2015

How do wireless carriers identify tethering?

T-Mobile plans to crack down on people that are using their unlimited mobile data to tether computers and avoid paying an ISP for internet access. I don’t have a problem with this, since it is a violation of T-Mo’s TOS, but how do they identify tethering vs. use of data on a mobile device?
I imagine it's to do with the kind of stuff you're downloading. If you're just browsing or even going on youtube I think you'd get no hassle. If you are torrenting they'll smell a rat. Also, if you have an unlimited mobile internet plan and you go to, say, 3gb you'd be less likely to get any hassle than if you go to 15gb... not that I'd recommend doing it if you are asked not to.
Is almost impossible but they do is disabled the aplicacion when try to use they ask put the plan
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