Oct 17, 2011

What benefits can my company expect to receive from working with Big data?

With all the media attention focused on the growth of Big Data, hardly any mention is being given to WHY big data is important and what companies can do with this data to turn it into information. Can someone explain what I could reasonably get in return for investing in the hardware, software, code changes, and staffing up for big data?

Hi ernard,

Here's an article that covers why Big Data is important for companies:

What is Big Data and Why Do We Need it?

"Big data is a popular, but poorly defined marketing buzzword. One way of looking at big data is that it represents the large and rapidly growing volume of information that is mostly untapped by existing analytical applications and data warehousing systems. Examples of this data include high-volume sensor data and social networking information from web sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Organizations are interested in capturing and analyzing this data because it can add significant value to the decision-making process. Such processing, however, may involve complex workloads that push the boundaries of what is possible using traditional data warehousing and data management techniques and technologies.

This article looks the benefits analyzing big data brings to the business. It examines different types of big data and offers suggestions on how to optimize systems to handle different workloads and integrate them into a single infrastructure."

Big data can be transformative for a business. It can allow corporations to pay better attention to trends as they emerge, to make better-informed decisions, and will allow them to make more precisely-tailored services that better fit their customers' needs. Additionally, productivity can be increased by companies focusing like a laser on the variables that are restraining their ability to profit from this newfound knowledge.

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