Aug 29, 2015

What’s the difference between Android Pay and Google Wallet?

It hasn’t been that long since Google Wallet came out, and now Android Pay is apparently on the way. I’ve only used Google Wallet a couple of times using my Android phone, but it worked fine. Is Android Pay replacing it? What’s the difference, if both are from Google and both allow you to pay with your Android phone? Is it just a renaming of the same thing?
"Basically, Android Pay is the same tap-to-pay feature of Google Wallet, except way less of a pain to use. With Google Wallet, you had to launch an app, then type in a pin so Google could unlock your credit cards. The whole idea of “Google Wallet” was also a little confusing, since the app doubled as a peer-to-peer payment system which could funnel money to a real, physical Google Wallet card too.

With Android Pay, you won’t need the app. You won’t need to enter a pin. It’s built right into the operating system. If you’ve unlocked your phone, you just place it up against the credit card terminal, and boom, you’re done. It’ll even automatically prompt you to use a loyalty card or gift card if you have one."
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