Aug 26, 2015

How does Amazon Underground, Amazon’s replacement for its free app of the day, work?

I generally visit Amazon every day to have a look at the free Android app of the day. Now they are apparently doing away with this and replacing it with a different discount program called Amazon Underground. How does Amazon Underground work, and what is it offering to replace the free app of the day?
Android Police had an excellent article explaining the change a few days ago:

"The promotion comes in the form of a brand new Amazon Underground app. This app replaces all the functionality of the standard Amazon Shopping app, with the Underground partner apps thrown in as well. And surprisingly, this isn't just a bunch of junk from developers who are desperate for a little exposure - these are premium games, well-known apps and tools, and in-app purchases that would cost considerable amounts of money on the Play Store, all available completely free to end users. Games from Rovio, Glu, Gameloft, and more are included.

To get Amazon Underground, just open Amazon Shopping or the Amazon Appstore on your phone - it should appear as a banner right at the top of either of them, prompting you for a sideload installation just like a normal Amazon Appstore app. (You can also download it directly at The Shopping app will be replaced with Underground, and the Amazon Appstore app (where paid and free apps and games that aren't part of Underground are still available) will include a cross-app link."
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