Aug 25, 2015

How to stop audio from autoplaying on websites while using Chrome browser?

Is there a way I can stop ads with audio from automatically playing when I go to a website? I hate when that happens, especially when I’m in a quiet public space.
You can use plugins to disable sound for all or individual tabs.
“1. MuteTab – This extension provides a menu of sound-related operations that can be applied to a single tab, all tabs, or all tabs but the current one – accessible by clicking a browser extension icon or via a right click context menu. There is an option to automatically mute all background tabs.
Note that MuteTab does not let you play a game muted while listening to background music and reviews are very mixed – so your mileage may vary (the new version 2 coming soon may improve results).
2. Chrome Toolbox – This extension adds many common productivity features to Chrome (similar to the Tab Mix Plus addon in Firefox) – one of them is an option to Mute All Tabs via an Alt + W hotkey.
It is highly rated but, if you only need to disable sounds in Chrome and don’t care about all the other features, it may be overkill.”
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