Aug 24, 2015

Can I stream games from my Windows 10 PC to my Xbox One?

I saw an earlier post about streaming games from an Xbox One to a Windows 10 PC. As a new Windows 10 user, I'm curious if it works both ways. Can I stream my games from my PC to my Xbox One?
The short answer is no. The longer answer is, not yet. Xbox chief Phil Spencer has indicated that streaming Windows games to the Xbox is something they'd like to do. The first step is adding full mouse support to the Xbox One and there's no definite timeline for that yet. So it sounds like eventually you'll be able to stream Windows games to the Xbox One, but not now and not in the near future.

If you don't mind buying new hardware, several other companies are working to bring Windows games to your TV. Razer's Forge TV has a service called Razer Cortex: Stream that is listed as Coming Soon. It's supposed to support streaming Windows games to the Forge hardware connected to your TV. Also Valve's Steam Link is coming in November and it's primary purpose is streaming Steam games to the living room TV.

Peter Smith
PC to Xbox streaming is currently not offered, Microsoft said that they are looking at the possibility and working toward it, but didn't put a specific date to this.

“It’s a great question—do we ever see PC streaming to the Xbox One? The answer is, certainly. We are thinking about this, it is in our vision. I can’t give you a direct time that it will show up, but we are absolutely thinking about the other way around as well. What we are announcing and what we are talking about right now is from the Xbox One to the PC, but again we are certainly investigating the other way round as well.”
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