Aug 20, 2015

Why won’t ink cartridges from other regions work in printers?

I was told that I have to be very careful buying printer cartridges online because if they were from another region they might cause the printer not to work. I buy a lot of inexpensive supplies from Asia, but apparently this applies around the world (EU, US and Asia) so that ink/toner cartridges from one region won’t work in another region. What causes this? The printers are the same model (or at least very, very close). One would think the ink/toner cartridges would be the same as well.
Someone posted their conversation with an HP tech regarding this, looks like you can call them and they'll walk you through resetting the region
"I was just told by an HP tech guy here in Hungary that the way the code for a region is set is that the first time you insert a cartridge in a virgin printer, the printer reads the code on the cartridge and that sets the code in the printer. So technically the printer is region free when purchased.

If you want to use cheaper HP cartridges from another region, don't insert the ones that came with the printer.

Also it is not an simple process to reset the printer's region code (only can be done three times). HP wants you on the phone with them as they walk you through the process "
Here's HP's official answer to this, which point to contact them:
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