Aug 20, 2015

How to fix a suspended Google account?

Most of my accounts are being suspended with a message that states they have suspended my account because of suspicious behavior. I have tried to check with my host. All is fine. What do you think is the cause of this?
Same problem here.
Suspended about nickname. I could access google account and gmail account and corrected all by supplying my real name.
On attempt to log on to Google+, served a page with the suspended message as stated above . The link to "Visit your profile to learn more." just reloads the same page.
The links to appeal posted in many forums also go to the same page.

I gather that one is to post to Groups until a moderator-fairy takes notice and raises the visibility. For now I have faith as I've seen responses from these vapors with my own eyes.

Your profile is currently suspended
Until your profile is unsuspended, you will be unable to use this feature.
Visit your profile to learn more.
What type of account are being suspended i.e. Gmail, Google+, Adworks? Also are they personal accounts or corporately managed?
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