Aug 19, 2015

Which smartphone manufacturers are the best at releasing patches quickly when vulnerabilities are discovered?

Does any manufacturer stand out when it comes to quickly patching known vulnerabilities, or are they are pretty much the same?
Apple seems to do a pretty good job.
While Mandril has a good point regarding BB, when it comes to smartphones it isn't the top choice at the moment for a number of other reasons.
IPhone provides good security since all the features are locked down and patches monitored, tested and deployed by Apple instead of individual providers.

From Androids I'd say that Nexus is the most secure, with it being a Google product. Google monitors, patches and even has a reward program for security flaw discoveries.
BlackBerry, by far. Even though the company isn't doing well at the moment, their reputation is based on providing a more secure platform for business and government users. They earned that reputation, in part by quickly addressing known vulnerabilities.

During a recent AMA on Reddit, Tim Strazzere from Lookout Mobile Security also mentioned that Amazon was surprisingly good at pushing out updates quickly and responding to his contact.

Samsung and Motorola would probably be best after this, but I think they face more hurdles due to all the different versions of their devices on all the different carriers.
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