Aug 18, 2015

My Eudora won't load anymore on my Windows Vista computer. How best to recover my many years of email sorted into multiple mailboxes. Could I transport them into another copy of Eudora?

When I try to open Eudora, it starts to load normally, then fades and the following message appears. "Eudora has stopped working. Windows will close the program and will notify you if it finds a solution." Then it disappears. I can't open anything in Eudora. It is only there for a few seconds, and doesn't respond.
Thank you both... I will try it.
Sveta has a good answer for this.
You can create a backup of you mail files and try repair or reinstall of the app, then reimport the files if needed. Also try running Eudora in safe mode to help you troubleshoot. Here's the instructions for backup and restore:
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