Oct 14, 2011

How do you implement DevOps?

Looking for anyone with experience to share best practices.

Hi trayson,

Here's a page with some example best practices that you might find interesting:


One thing that worked for us was to make sure that we made little mini-teams, pairing up a developer with a network engineer, in order to make sure that the implementation of various projects were more successful. We've created a friendly yet competitive atmosphere, giving away Starbucks cards and iTunes music cards as well as tchotchkies from ThinkGeek.com as gifts for teams which complete their projects on time or who accomplish other goals. This created a little bit of excitement but more importantly, got guys from both departments to work well together towards achieving real value for our company.


Because blending development with operations generates more responsibility for developers, because they're responsible for code failures, the initial implementation of DevOps should be small. You'll want to pick a project that can be handled easily and deliberately, then build on your success. Eventually you may wish to bring the entire front end of your business into a devops mode, but you'll be much happier if you break this process into more manageable chunks.

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