Oct 14, 2011

How long do you wait before trying Apple services?

I'm excited to try Apple's iCloud, but I'm told I should wait.  Some of my Apple friends say they don't bother trying Apple online service. They'd rather wait til the kinks are worked out.  Is that a common practice?

Hi cloverfield,

iCloud did seem to have a few burps when it first launched, but things seem a lot better now. I'd say give it a shot and see how well it works for you. If you aren't sure if iCloud will be right for you, I recommend checking out Apple's iCloud page to get an overview of its features:



You shouldn't have to wait to try iCloud - it was already up and running for anyone who has purchased an iPhone 4s, and is now available for anyone who has downloaded IOS 5 to their iPhone or iPad, or who is running Lion OSX 10.72.


Be advised, however: iCloud only syncs 5gb of content for free. Depending upon the size of the data you keep on your IOS device, you could have to pay a considerable sum to add more storage compared to Google or Amazon's cloud storage.


iCloud: $50/50gb (maximum)



Google/Picasa storage: $50/200gb, $100/400gb



Amazon Cloud storage: $50/50gb, $100/100gb





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