Aug 15, 2015

How to prove an individual is stealing my data through smstracker he installed on my phone?

Ex-boyfriend is tracking my data through smstracker. I found this App on phone and need to know if i can prove that it is him on the other side who is spying on me!

I found a smstracker on the phone that my ex-boyfriend gifted me, and I know that he was spying on me, tracking my SMS, and reading my emails. Now I want to sue him, and I need to know if it is possible to prove that my data was transferred to his phone or telephone, or email. Something! Is there a chance? Please!
Spying and monitoring are two separate identities. One is without permission and the other side is with permission. Your case looks like someone is spying activities of your cell phone and it is your ex-boyfriend. DSE has given a very perfect answer. In example, contact to relevant spy software maker.
Meanwhile tracking data through cell phone monitoring app i.e (smstracker, mspy, TheOneSpy, flexispy etc) without permission is illegal, even if it is your loved one.
DSE has a good answer for this.
If you are sure its not your parents (don't know your age) then yes the first thing you want to do after contating laywer is get the police involved.

Then contact smstracker at If you get a warrant they will have to provide the identity of whoever is stealing your information.
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