Aug 15, 2015

How do I download a map for later use on an Android phone?

I take a trip to Chicago about once every two weeks and I always use Google Maps to help me get around town. It uses a fair amount of my available data each month (I only have a 2Gb per month plan), and I’d like to reduce this. How can I download a map and use it instead?
Sveta has the right answer for this.
Try this:
1.Make sure you're connected to the Internet and signed in to your Google account.
2.Open the Google Maps app maps.
3.Search for a place, like "San Francisco."
4.At the bottom, touch the bar that has the name of the place you searched.
5.In the upper right, touch the menu three vertical dots.
6.To save the map, select Save offline map. And follow the directions on the screen.
7.To view your offline map, see the directions for viewing your saved maps below.
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