Aug 15, 2015

Is anti-exploit software needed in addition to antivirus software on a PC?

After upgrading to Windows 10, Windows Defender wouldn’t work so I installed third party antivirus software (bitdefender). I also saw that there is separate anti-exploit security software available. Is this necessary? Wouldn’t anti-exploit be part of an antivirus suite?
It probably couldn't hurt since you are using Windows.
A short explanation would be that antivirus and antimalware protect against known threats, while anti-exploit are meant to protect the applications you have from being exploited. Basically anti-exploit monitors applications/OS and blocks known exploit attempts that would give access to deploy viruses and malware.
I'm familiar with the Malwarebytes ones and they are two separate products, since the anti-exploit was designed by another company. Both use different approaches to protect against those threats. Assuming that bitdefender is similar, you can use one product on top of the other.
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