Aug 11, 2015

How to secure the internet of things devices?

As more and more things become integrated and have online connectivity, it seems to create more and more vectors for attacks. With the internet of things, what can individuals do or look for anything to secure their online fridges, thermostats, etc.? Are IoT devices secure if they meet ZigBee requirements?
This is actually an underappreciated issue, in my opinion. Researchers recently flew a drone around Austin and were able to identify over 1600 objects that were part of "the internet of things." So, there are a lot of connecting things that can be easily identified, if someone puts forth a little effort. In addition to that, researchers have found flaws in ZigBee networks that allow hackers to sniff out the authentication keys. To make matters worse, they also found that most manufacturers did the absolute minimum to meet ZigBee certification standards, so they aren't even making things as secure as they easily could.

You probably won't like the researchers' conclusion:
"The worse part pointed out by the researcher is that there is nothing users could do to make their smart devices more secure, and since the flaw affects a broad range of devices, it's quite unclear how quickly vendors will come up with a fix."
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