Aug 11, 2015

Why are monthly Android updates only coming to Nexus devices?

There have been a number of serious Android security vulnerabilities over the years, Stagefright being the most recent. Google has announced monthly updates, which is great, but only for Nexus devices. Why can’t there be monthly updates for all Android devices like there are with Windows updates, and not just for the flagship tablets and phones?
Hello Guyz im new to this website. I wanted to say that i got the update on 12th or 13th august and whenever i try to install it. It says error after completing very little. i had the phone rooted but i unrooted it before the update. PLZ HELP HELP HELP
The carrier you purchased your phone from controls the updates, the nexus is controlled by Google. Not much you can do until your carrier decides they want the update, if at all.
And to make it worse, all that mostly unwanted bloatware that carriers insist on adding to their devices add an unnecessary level of testing to any update. All those space and performance eating apps that can't be removed have to be tested to make sure the security update doesn't break them. By keeping pure Android on the Nexus devices, it is much easier to roll out a security update with worrying about that.
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