Aug 10, 2015

Can someone make it look like text messages are being sent from my phone when they aren't?

I was told that I text someone threatening words. I know this person that I was supposed to have text. But I haven't.but the text comes from my number an my x boyfriend s number. So what does this MEAN. Does my x have access to my phone
I'm not sure I completely follow your question. Are you saying people are getting texts that you didn't send from both your number and your ex-bf's number? It is possible to send a SMS (text message) and spoof the senders number, making it appear as if they sent it when they had nothing to do with it. So, just because it appears a text was sent from your number, it doesn't mean it was (which would require someone to have access to your device). You can find websites that will do this for you pretty easily through a Google search.

With respect to your ex having access to your phone, you should be able to secure it easily enough. First, change your password/code/lock screen pattern. If you aren't using a lock screen password or PIN, start doing so immediately. You should also change your Google password immediately. I would also enable 2-factor authentication, which prevents someone from logging into your Google account with unregistered devices. You can follow the steps on how to do it here:

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