Aug 10, 2015

How to tell if someone has access to my gmail and is in my circles?

Someone is in my gmail..I need is scaring me. He was in today.his name came up with a circle.

This person name came up in a circle, it happened today's history..Help!!
If you think you have been compromised then change your password to something not in a dictionary, log out all other user sessions and turn on two step verification. All of this is done through your account settings. From there you can try to see what you can find out in the history tools that google provides.
I think Sveta has nailed it. Nobody is going to be "in" your Gmail unless you've shared your password with them. I think you're seeing the Hangouts dialog. You can hit the dropdown for it and sign out of Hangouts if you like. That will make the names disappear.
Are you logged in as yourself? If you're looking at the top right corner avatar circle, maybe someone else was using the machine and didn't logout? if you're referring to the circles underneath the folder list on the left, then it's your Goggle Hangouts and it's someone who is available to chat from your hangouts contacts.
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