Oct 13, 2011

How does the AMD Bulldozer FX-8150 cpu stack up against the Intel i7?

Intel's i7 is a fast processor for workstations and gaming rigs but a bit expensive for the casual user. How does the AMD Bulldozer FX-8150 compare in terms of processing power and price? Is it better, worse, comparable? Could it be used in servers? Intel usually recommends the XEON line for servers, which can be even pricier than the i7.


For the performance of the AMD FX-8150, check out the following links:






(cooling system) http://www.legitreviews.com/article/1743/1/


The FX-8150 is not optimized for server applications; for that, you want to look into AMD's Opteron series processors.

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Here's a head to head match up that you might find interesting:


"Today we test the video card side of things a bit more and see what goes on when we start to make use of CrossFireX on the 990FX platform. The 990FX chipset shows some good potential and it's going to be interesting to see what happens when we start to make use of all those PCIe lanes that are on offer.

The approach we've taken here today is pretty simple; we've got our two CPUs, the Intel i7 2600k and AMD FX-8150. We've thrown three Sapphire HD 6970 video cards in our Maximus IV Extreme-Z and Crosshair V Formula. Then we've benched them in our standard video card line-up with both CPUs running at what their maximum OC is."

According to some what I've read, the FX-8150 is going to have a street price around $245 which is a great price for an 8 core,  3.6ghz cpu (turbo mode brings it to 3.9ghz). Of course it will be overclockable well into the 4ghz range, which will make early benchmarks vary some from the performance you might want to wring out of it (overclocked for gaming, NOT overclocked for servers because reliability is more important). 


In the same price range is the Intel Core i7 -2600, a 4-core 3.4ghz cpu, so the core speed is slower than AMD's. ComputerWorld tested the i5-2500 (a cheaper Intel chip) and found that it was faster than the AMD Bulldozer for most tests. Rumorpedia.com shows that the Bulldozer trounces the i7-2600 by over 9000 points on the 3D Mark Vantage CPU test. These results suggest that non-overclocked Bulldozers may have a minimal performance improvement over Intel, which could prove very difficult for sales considering how competitively Intel's offerings are priced. However, the worst thing for AMD is that the Bulldozer isn't on the market yet, and Intel's is. By the time Bulldozer gets here, will there be faster Intel i7 cpu's? You betcha.

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