Aug 09, 2015

I have a genuine activated copy of Win 7 on my PC now. Before I do the Win 10 upgrade I want to replace the hard drive. I ask if Microsoft will still offer me Win 10 for free.

will be using new platter hard drive for Win 10 install
So long as you re-install a genuine version of Windows 7 on your new Hard Drive before you run the downloader tool, you should not have a problem.
If you registered for an upgrade you shouldn’t have an issue, use the media creation tool from
Take a look at this link for step by step instructions.
“You’ll be asked for the product key after the process is finished. Just click “Do this later” to skip this part and continue the setup process.
After you log into your new, clean-installed Windows 10 system, it should automatically activate itself after you connect to the Internet. If you took advantage of the free upgrade offer, it does this by checking your computer’s hardware and then checking in with Microsoft, verifying that your hardware configuration is authorized to use Windows 10.”
I'd say try it and see what happens. It might work fine for you.
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