Oct 13, 2011

Is Google+ doomed because their active number of users is dropping?

The first few weeks after Google+ came out, they gained a huge number of users, but now the site is less active than before. Is it doomed to the same kind of oblivion as Friendster and MySpace?

Hi rhames,

I think it's really too early to tell. G+ is probably one of the better products Google has launched recently. And they've been very good at listening to user feedback and making adjustments to it. So I think we're still at a very early stage with it.

At this point it at least offers a competitive alternative to Facebook, and I think people appreciate that (given how Facebook's management has continually abused and changed user privacy settings).

So let's see how things play out with Google+. It may yet have lasting staying power.

They mistakenly attempted to make it seem "exclusive" which I believe hurt more than it helped in early adoption, I shared one of my friends experiences with this issue specifically in a comment:


...Its a mistake we have seen before (Google Wave) and will see again.

With Twitter and Facebook looking for a way to capitalize or rather monetize their service one would wonder.  Granted Google has much deeper pockets than either Facebook or Twitter, but that did not help Google Wave. did it.

I think the biggest problem for any social media platform, especially Google, is not allowing censorship to occur period.  Today paid shills with an agenda cause problems for legitimate users of any service.  When a corporation can pay a hand full of people to complain about a user saying something negative about their company, product, etc... and the Social Platform pulls the legitimate user's content based on the complaint(s) without looking at the details, can any social media platform succeed?

Here is a great example.  I use to say that if there is breaking news you will see it first on social media, not the MainStreamMedia (MSM) and I believe this has been true on and off since before 2006, but especially true since March 11, 2011. 

When Fukushima happened, Facebook immediately censored...pulling posts that talked about radiation, the accident or anything negative toward the company, Tepco, and the Japanese government handling of the incident.  It was confusing to know why as some posts made it through, but most were censored. That knocked Facebook off the list for breaking news.  The TV stations and cable News stations have been off the list for years.  If that is you ONLY news source, you are being purposefully misinformed...don't take my word for it, check alternative news sources, you will be amazed at what you are NOT being told on purpose .

When in doubt who to trust, follow the money and don't trust them.

Both Twitter and Youtube (Google) allowed individuals to post content some negative, some positive, but did not censor.  Both were great sources of truthful information from a variety of experts in the field and on the topic. It was amazing and wonderful! At least in the beginning.

Around the end of March, when it became obvious that Governments all over the world were colluding and censoring any negative news about radiation, fall out, especially via wind and the jet stream all over the Northern Hemisphere of planet Earth, you could still post on Twitter (though searches were being limited somehow...you still got information, just not as much or as recent) and on Youtube some posters were being harassed continuously.  More than one created external website to Youtube just to get the news to people.  At least two Youtube content providers (Youtubers) were pulled down "because of complaints and community standards violations" and later put back up...obviously someone looked into the complaints and found them to be groundless censorship.  As the great majority are.

The fact that Google looked into the complaints and put the posts back up is promising, but it would have been better for the legitimate content not to have been pulled to begin with without specifics. And if a person lies in a complaint, their account should be prevented from making future complaints or outright ignored. Also any “friends” of theirs should be looked into and put on a “suspect of censorship” list and not taken as legitimately.

Regardless, ultimately Google was “less evil” and did the right thing. You could still post content on both Youtube and Twitter. Though searches in both were not giving recent timely information which was frustrating. Even when you specified “today” and “, this week”. In those cases to get “current” news you had to already KNOW whose Youtube account to check, as new video posts were there, they just were not coming up in search results.

Now its October, over 6 months later, Youtube appears to be taking the paid-shills complaints more seriously and pulling legitimate news providers (another account that always posted original content was temporarily pulled on grounds of posting copyrighted material...so so someone complained) who post videos on the topic.  In my months of following that Youtuber, I never saw any "copyrighted" content on her account, thus I know the complaints to be groundless censorship.  Obviously someone, some entity did not like what she was saying.  I expect her account to be re-established if the complaint is seriously looked into, however some damage was done by the taking down of the account. It directly impacts her credibility and reduces the numbers of viewers following her. Thus the paid shills are winning, as they can simply create another account and complain again. Whether it is outright censorship or the company catering to the whims of a government or corporation is not completely clear.  However it is very clear that there are fewer content providers on Youtuber with information on the terms Fukushima, Nuclear, Radiation, today than there have been over the past six+ months since the disaster happened on March 11, 2010.

Its also clear that Google is “less evil” than most other companies, at least you can still post content.

The moral of the story, even if Google uses their deep pockets to fund Google+ longer and better than they funded Google Wave, unless they adopt a 1st Amendment stance on censorship ~ all comments posted negative or positive ~ the paid shills will be in overdrive, over-spin mode to suppress information on any topic they do not want highlighted for whatever reason. 

And lets face it, you are not hearing the facts on any other MainStreamMedia so called News outlet either.

Here are some facts specific to Fukushima that if you do not know, blame your news sources and find some better ones, because each of these is documented fact:

~ The cores melted through the concrete floor and they have announced that the technology does NOT exist to recover the cores, much less contain them. Those of us following people on Youtube new this as fact around March 13 – 15 as experts could tell by details in reports that the average person would not understand and were reporting on it. Many first heard about this fact around October, I bet a few of you are reading this for the first time...its true.

~ based on the radioactive elements being measured, ongoing Nuclear fission, albeit uncontrolled, must be happening (ie. the half life is so short that the elements should not exist in measurements this many months after the disaster on 3/11/2010) This is true as of last week, ending October 7, 2011. Ask yourself why you do not know this as fact? It is.

~levels of radiation is measurable in rainfall all over the Northern Hemisphere and has been since March 11, 2011.  There are a few posters putting Geiger counter readings online, current as of October 2011, the levels of radiation in rainfall are elevated and statistically significant. Again you are not hearing this on the MSM are you. It is a fact.

... there are many more facts, but my guess is at least 44% of those reading this will not be aware of those three, thus I have successfully made my point. But do not take my word for it, research it for yourself. (If you are planning to complain about me, go ahead, the truth is an excellent defense and I am not worried). 

Why do I say this with conviction, simple, yesterday a survey stated that 44% of Americans did not know that a protest against Wall Street was currently taking place. 44% of Americans did not even KNOW it was happening. Not just on Wall Street in New York, but that the protests had expanded across the United States in hundreds of cities across this nation.  How could 44% of Americans NOT be AWARE of any protests?  Incredible, but real, thanks for nothing LameStreamMedia.  Even Fox news, while lying, is making fun of the protesters, thus how could they NOT know?

The protesters are protesting the 1% of Americans controlling the economy, jobs in America. They are protesting the lack of a future for themselves and their children. Marines protesting are being called not Patriotic. The protesters want to know "where the jobs are" in face of the reduction in taxes from 99% to between 15% and 36% over the last 50 years. (If you have money you can pay an accountant to get your effective tax rate to 15% or below, most Americans pay over 30% while many corporations pay 9% in taxes.)

Where are the jobs?

They want the legislators in the House and Senate to do their jobs, create legislation to improve America as they understand that the President does NOT create any legislation, period.  Though some politicians still try to push that lie on Americans, as if the President can "create" legislation...only the House can do that per the Constitution.

The political comments are not a distraction, but speak to the point of why we need social media like Twitter, Youtube and Google+. We are not being informed.

I hope that Google+ takes off and know that for it to be a success, they must find a way to limit the paid shills from using their bulling complaints to censor the 99% of Americans that are hungry for real honest NEWS.

Based on increasing censorship on news negative toward Corporations and the politicians that are bought and paid for by those corporations I am less than hopeful that Google+ will survive. 

If Google is able to stand up to national governments, based on a 1st Amendment stance of commenters to comment, even if wrong, than their is hope for Google+. At least stand up to the American government based on the American Constitution and Bill of Rights. Sadly that might require an offshore data center to be free of censorship. Now that is crazy and sad.








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