Aug 08, 2015

When installing Windows 10 on a PC, should I upgrade or do a clean install?

Is there any reason to do a clean install with Windows 10 instead of upgrading through the update window on earlier versions of Windows?
I agree with Sveta, a clean install is always the best option. Installing one version over another may result in various headaches. So doing a clean install is well worth the time and effort.
From a technical perspective a clean install is always best. It eliminate carry over issues, as well as potential glitches from the previous OS. At the same time you have the chance to fully clean your machine of any unwanted stuff (malware, 3ed party apps, plugins) that you don’t want on your machine, or didn’t realize were installed. However it’s the longer route, as you’ll need to backup data (I would recommend doing this in either case), install windows, and then reinstall all the applications you need. The upgrade goes on top of the current OS. It is faster and easier from a non-technical user perspective. You don’t have to reinstall any application, so long as they are compatible.
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