Aug 04, 2015

How to print from Android tablet?

I use my Nexus 7 tablet all the time, including for work. One thing that is an issue for me occasionally is when I need to print documents that I’ve created in either Sheets or Docs. I’ve been going to my Windows laptop, opening Google Docs and printing from there. This works, but I have to wait for my laptop boot up and it’s a bit of a pain. Is there a better option?
Everything You Need to Know About Printing From your Android Phone or Tablet

"Modern smartphones and tablets can help you go without printers, but they can also help you print. You could even start print jobs from anywhere and pick up the document when you arrive at home or the office.

If you still haven’t found the elusive paperless office, here’s everything you need to know about printing from your Android phone or tablet. It’s surprisingly easy — certainly easier than setting up Windows networked printers in the past."
KitKat (and I’m assuming Lollipop as well) will allow you to do cloud printing, you’ll need to turn on the print option by going into Settings > Printing, take a look at the steps here. It also provides an HP Print Service if you have an HP printer.
Another option is covered here Google Cloud Print.
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