Aug 04, 2015

Are Square credit card readers as secure as traditional POS terminals?

Is there any significant security disadvantage to using a Square reader instead of a traditional point of sale (POS) credit card terminal? Frankly I'd rather use one with an iPad instead of going through the rolls of thermal paper on a credit card machine, but not at the expense of secure transactions.
There are always going to be security holes, but in the time that Square readers have been in use, they seem to have a good security record. I have a friend that uses them at his business, and he is very happy with them.

That said, they aren't Ft. Knox and there may be risks. Vice had a news story about researchers that were able to compromise them. However, it required physical access to the reader, so someone would have to (1) get the reader, (2) take it apart, (3) modify it, (4) return it to service, and (5) use it as a skimmer since it wouldn't work with the Square app. So yeah, there might be some additional risks, but they seem pretty minimal at this point.

Link to the Vice article:
I don't know, you might want to contact Square and ask them about it:
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