Aug 01, 2015

Do cloud apps like Office365 and Salesforce need to be backed up?

Is cloud to cloud back up neccessary?
Yes! Cloud Apps like Office 365, Google Apps and Salesforce must be backed up. Those companies built in redundancy and backups in all of their data centers, but these backups are for internal data center recovery only, and not available to customers for restoring their data in the event of accidental or malicious data loss. Once data is automatically or manually purged from the recycle bin the data is lost forever. CloudAlly provides secured automated backups for SaaS (

Usually cloud solutions have their own backup that's provisioned through the same vendor (read your current agreement to see what type of backup is provided as part or the contract or if you need to sign up for it separately). There are other 3ed party vendors that provide a secondary backup which is great if can't have any down time, but is usually an over kill if it's not necessary.
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