Oct 11, 2011

What are the main concerns your business has with moving to the cloud?

Are the decision makers more worried about changing to the cloud than they should be? Are their concerns being used to mask a fear of losing political clout within your organization? Or are the difficulties more technical in nature, because of attempting to retrofit old technology towards new business aims?


We're not that far along with progress towards cloud computing. There are so many potential solutions, and not nearly enough time to test them out, so we'll likely select one of the major vendors like Amazon,  since we expect they will have worked out their kinks for the early adopters who moved to their services before we did. As our CIO is risk-averse, he's taking whatever steps possible to slow down our progress towards the cloud, even though he concedes that eventually all our customers will be expecting SaaS solutions, and that's what our competitors are moving rapidly in that direction.


Right now, the finance department has put a freeze on IT project spending, so whatever wasn't already in the pipeline is on hold or canceled for all intents and purposes. So what IT is doing is getting as familiar as we can with the various knowledge areas required for migrating to the cloud so that when the purse strings loosen up, we'll be prepared to hit the ground running. The last thing I want is for my department to be too dependent upon process consultants because that's a good recipe for being railroaded into the wrong solution for a costly price.


Our sales unit's most important concerns are with CMR, which can be moved pretty easily to the cloud - it's practically there, except for the flexibility in managing cpu usage. Our manufacturing unit's largest concern is with ERP, which only barely grazes over customer info, and is not consistently integrated to the manufacturing processes - more in some areas, less in others due to managerial differences more than because of technological constraints. And with the accounting department, they're mostly worried about security and safety if we're using cloud technology instead of keeping all the servers in-house. As for the IT Department, we're just happy when the business groups are playing nice. I suspect it will take about 5 years to get as much as we can migrated to the cloud.

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