Jul 29, 2015

What are typical prices for single sign on (SSO) products?

I'm finding it a little difficult to price out SSO options. What are typical prices for single sign on (SSO) products?
Many of the SSO products have very complex pricing schemes, involving a series of optional add-ons and other charges. But typically they charge somewhere between $2-$10 per user per month for their features. Typically, you get the best deals if you purchase an annual contract, and support is usually an extra fee.

A few providers have a trial account for a few users or a few apps. OneLogin is
impressive in that theirs includes unlimited users for 8 apps for free. PerfectCloud has a free plan for individual use, and 15 day trials for their enterprise plans.

Here are links to some of the vendors who have more transparent pricing pages:

Centrify: http://www.centrify.com/products/identity-service/compare-editions/

Okta: https://www.okta.com/editions/

OneLogin: https://www.onelogin.com/product/pricing

PerfectCloud: https://www.perfectcloud.io/smartsignin#pricing
I don't know about pricing, but here's a list of single sign on implementations that you might be able to use to check out pricing information:

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