Jul 28, 2015

Found a IPHONE 6 plus that's in lost mode, how can it be disabled PLEASE?

Bought a iphone 6 plus and it's in lost mode how can I disable this? ? ? Please Help and Thank-you soooo much in advance for your help and time! ! ! !
Did you find it or did you buy it? If you found it, as you said first, you should try to return it to the rightful owner. If you bought it, as you said second, you should contact the seller and ask where they got it...because there is a good chance it is stolen. Fortunately, Apple has implemented this measure to prevent thieves from using stolen iPhones, and more and more people are aware of this and are not buying stolen iPhones. As a result, iPhone theft has dropped dramatically.
This is a security feature against theft, so it can be disabled by entering a passcode that was setup by the person who setup the phone in lost mode, or from their icloud using their apple id. If someone sold you a phone like this I would contact them to see if they can unlock it.
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