Jul 26, 2015

Which is more important when buying a new computer, amount of memory or processor speed?

I’m looking for a new PC for my daughter to use for school, and want to buy a decent mid-range machine without spending too much money. When choosing one, which is more important, more memory or a faster CPU?
CPU because memory is easier to upgrade.
I vote for more memory. Unless she's running high end games, a faster CPU might not be necessary. But more RAM is always useful on any computer, particularly if she is going to have many apps open and running at the same time.
That’s a great question, both are equally important. There are a number of things to consider such as the operating system that will be used - 32 bit system would not utilize more than 4GB of RAM. Also the way the machine will be used, is it going to run a lot of applications at the same time such as browser windows or is it going to be used for graphic/ video editing which are heavier. In general most of the machines now days have sufficient specs for both CPU and RAM. Unless the machine will be run for heavy gaming or graphic editing, you’re good with Inter i5 and will need at least 4GB of RAM (this is very generalized).
Take a look at this guide, it gives detailed explanation on the importance and use of both.
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