Jul 24, 2015

I am sending in a PS4 in for warranty repair, and I want to save the data to another drive (on a pc). Can I do this?

The warranty rep said no, but I think this isn't true. It's just a SATA II drive.
Hmm, I'm not certain. They recently added the capability to back up all of your data to an external drive when switching out HDDs, which is a big deal if you have hundreds of GBs of downloaded games on your PS4s internal hard drive. However, the data is locked to a single PS4, so I'm not sure if you can reinstall the old backup data when you get it back since they don't always return the same PS4 after you send it in for repairs. However, if you do get the same PS4 back, I don't see how it would be any different from restoring your existing data when you upgrade the internal drive to a larger one.

That's what I am concerned about , if the data is encrypted to a specific console . My only recourse is trying a SATA II to USB 3.0 adapter and attempting to save the data to another drive , Sony insists the drive be sent with the console .
My son has learned a valuable lesson in backup his stuff up .
Do you need to send the drive in, or can you just remove it?
Take a look at those guides on backing up PS4 to an external drive. http://manuals.playstation.net/document/en/ps4/settings/backup.html
Unfortunately , the data was not saved via the console , and since the console stopped outputting a video signal , there was no way to .
I should have also added that the console doesn't have video output, and the drive is removable.
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