Jul 24, 2015

How to stop false disconnect of Axis surveillance cameras?

We use about 16 Axis cameras at our location for surveillance within the facility (outside, we have a separate system that runs on its own subnet.) During the last month, four of these devices were recently implemented but we started having issues. Managers and a few of us in IT use the Axis client to view the video feed at different points during the day and we also have a few workstations that solely run this client.

I know for a fact that the cameras are not losing connection but the camera station will regularly show some of the cameras as disconnected. Sometimes all appear as disconnected.

We can still ping the devices as well as connect to the web access console so I can verify they are still connected. Does anyone know why this happens and what I can do to prevent it?
Assuming you have adequate bandwidth on the network and see little latency when pinging the devices (i.e. no timeouts and reasonable response times), then you can rule out the network.

In my experiences, the fault is usually on the server because the machine is overburdened. In a general sense, make sure your system is configured like so:

* No other software as ideally this machine or VM should only run the Axis server and nothing else.

* Make sure the network adapter has Gb/s capacity.

* A Windows system should be 64-bit and ideally, as new as possible (e.g. 7 or newer or a 2008 or higher server addition.)

* Enough processing power and RAM are crucial. If you're maxing out memory or have spilled over into paging file usage, this will adversely impact the ability to display a real time feeds whether video or audio.

* Sometimes the client machine is to blame. Make sure it has adequate resources as well.

Hope this helps. Also, if you want the Axis mandatory system requirements, you can find them here.

I'm not an expert on this but could it be due to interference from some other nearby devices?
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