Jul 22, 2015

How to backup PS4 internal drive to external 2TB HDD when I'm getting "file system is not supported" error?

Can someone help me understand this better? Is there a way to make it compatible or do I need to find a different hard drive?

I have a PS4 and the memory is now full. I went to Best Buy to look at external hard drives and they suggested the "My Book 2tb drive.". I drove home and plugged the drive into an outlet, then into the PS4. After a few seconds a notification popped up saying, "The USB device cannot be used. The file system is not supported.". The people at Best Buy said it was compatible and showed the reviews to me. need to find another hard drive?
You’ll need to format the drive into “FAT32”. On a PC go to “My Computer/Computer”, right click the drive, select “Format”. On A Mac go to Disc Utility, select drive, click the “Erase” button.
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