Jul 22, 2015

What are the best new features in iOS9?

Are there any stand out features to look forward to in iOS9, or is this an iOS release with more of an emphasis on refinement of existing features?
Like newly added Apps(News, iCloud Drive, Find My Friends, Move to iOS ), improved Apple Pay, extended battery life and search contents from third-party apps , etc.
Better Battery Life, Apple somewhat brushes over this, but it is actually the feature I suspect the majority of users will appreciate most of all: iOS 9 will make your devices run more quickly and for longer.
For the most part iOS9 is not a major overhaul it has a bunch of nice tweaks and new features. They’ve improved usability features such as battery settings, search functionality throughout settings, photo organization, adding pictures and sites into notes, back button in apps, multitasking for iPad, etc... Oh and the biggest one is redesigned Siri that analyzes how you use your phone to better assist with daily functions, searches though music and pictures.
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