Oct 10, 2011

Who should Apple choose as their next CEO?

Most people are calling Apple's co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs irreplaceable due to his vision, foresight, and passion for bringing out new devices to market that capture the public's imagination. Knowing he was dying, he placed his top man Tim Cook in charge of running the company. But who will lead their board of directors now that Jobs has passed away? Let's hope Apple does a better job of picking a CEO than HP and Yahoo have done.

Hi dbrown,

I suspect that the board will remain the same and that perhaps someone on the curent board will be chosen to chair it, now that Jobs has passed away.

Time Cook is a fine choice for CEO, and should keep Apple humming along. It's been reported that Jobs left 4 years worth of product plans for the company to act on. So hopefully things will be fine at Apple for a long time.

See this story:

Steve Jobs’s secret legacy: Dying Apple boss left plans for four years of new products
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