Jul 20, 2015

What is a protected workspace on a tablet?

What is a protected workspace on a tablet and why do I need one?
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If you are going to use your personal tablet or smartphone for work purposes, many IT managers want some way to segregate your business-related apps so that they can apply the same kinds of access controls that they use for protecting their other endpoints. This has given rise to a variety of protected workspace tools, as they are known, and they differ in how they offer this protection and how it is managed too. The idea is that if an app is compromised (think phishing or other malware), the damage can be contained.

Some products, such as Xen Mobile, put their protective policies inside each app while others such as Good Technology have a separate workspace for your work and personal apps. Then there are various desktop virtualization products that can virtualize an entire workspace and deliver it to all kinds of endpoint devices.
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