Jul 19, 2015

Picture disappears from Instagram account


I've had trouble with publishing a picture on Instagram for a week now, here's the problem : I publish one, but after a couple of seconds it simply disappears from my account for no good reason. I've tried to contact Instagram's help center, got no reply. Could someone give me a hand with this please? :(

Sveta has a good answer, but here's a link to the Instagram support page in case you need it later:

Thanks for your reply Sveta! I tried uploading another picture yesterday and turns out it's working again, yay o/ I did open another account though, don't know what I'm going to do with it, well at least everything's back to normal.

Found this: "Some Instagram users get their pictures deleted by Instagram for violation of Community Guidelines, for reaching upload limits or for unclear reasons related to their anti-bot efforts that seem to mistakenly block users/app/phones."

This is from a blackberry Instagram support, but might work in your case... I would try login in from a different device/browser, try a different picture, and maybe create a test account to see if you run into the same problem.
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