Jul 17, 2015

How does Google's WiFi assistant help secure data while using public WiFi?

Project Fi. Google’s experiment as a wireless carrier, pushes you off to WiFi whenever possible including some public WiFi connections. This seems to work fine in my experience so far, but I’ve read many warnings about using public WiFi. How is it safe to be pushed automatically from a 3G/4G connection to a public WiFi connection?


When Wi-Fi Assistant automatically connects you to an open Wi-Fi network, we help protect your data by sending it through a secure connection via Google servers, known as a virtual private network (VPN). This secure connection protects your data from being looked at by other users on the open Wi-Fi network.

Google uses data sent through this connection only for the following purposes:

To provide and improve Wi-Fi Assistant, including the virtual private network (VPN)
To monitor for abuse
To comply with applicable laws and regulations, or as required by court or government orders

If you see "Network may be monitored" in Quick Settings on your phone (when you swipe down from the top of your screen), that likely means a VPN is active. If Wi-Fi Assistant is using a VPN to facilitate a secure connection, the data is used only as outlined above."
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