Jul 17, 2015

Anyone know what's wrong with my Asus laptop??? It starts up with the Asus sign then just goes all black??

The charger light is green and so is the power light and I can hear the fan running can anyone help me please ???
Sveta has some good ideas, but here's a link to the Asus support site in case you need it:

Unfortunately it can be any number of things. Here’s what I would start with… turn on the sound and see if you get any beeps while it’s loading or do you hear the windows load sound. Also if you have an external monitor you can connect it to try that to see if the issue is a driver/hardware problem. Also if you are able remove the battery, unplug the charger and hold the power button for 30 seconds, then press it 10 times, plug it back in and see if issue is resolved. This release the static from the board.
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