Oct 07, 2011

What big data skills most in demand?


Jim pointed out some good resources. In addition, IT managers and executives building Big Data teams consistently tell me they're looking for professionals with that rare mix of business and technical acumen. Anybody smart enough can be taught to use the latest data-mining, analysis and visualization technologies, but those who also possess a sharp mind for business will think outside the box, and change assumptions on the go, to build and modify queries that dive to the heart of the matter - to unlock the most valuable and actionable business intelligence that will spur a competitive advantage.


Big Data is a rich subject, here are some more expert-crafted resources:

  • Top IT Skills in Demand 2013 (IT employment experts breakdown Computerworld's 2013 IT Forecast survey, including the Big Data and BI skills hiring managers are looking for)
  • Harnessing the Power of Big Data (A free, concise white paper that examines big data facts and myths, and explores the latest data analysis tools & techniques to help unlock the value of Big Data)

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    Hi Tom,

    There are some interesting articles related to this and seemed to indicate that business analytics software was a "red hot" space. So anything that fits into that might be a good bet.

    Here are the links to the articles:

    Hadoop, NoSQL and Big Data Job Trends

    Need to optimize keeps analytics sizzling

    Big data skills demand low but upsurge expected

    There has been some apparent salary fights between companies in Big Data that bodes well for those with engineering skills in particular. Here's one article about it:

    Google v Facebook salary inflation riles Big Data startup

    You may also find this article about the most in demand programming skills interesting:

    What are the most in-demand programming skills for 2011 and beyond, and why?

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