Jul 17, 2015

How to open MS Outlook when I seem to have corrupted .pst file?

Can't open MS Outlook, seem to have corrupted .pst file. Am trying MS Inbox repair tool but it seems to hang up on Step 7, "checking folders and items."
You should try Scanpst.exe utility to over come from this problem and if it doesn't work then you may use any third party recovery solution. If you wondering about any paid solution then ask me.
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If outlook doesn’t open try rebuilding the ost file. Folder structure might vary a little if you’re on an older OS. Close outlook and in Explorer enable hidden files under View menu. Go to C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook find the file with extension .ost and add .old at the end. Re-launch outlook. It will take a while to load, since it has to rebuild the local cache file.
Also here’s a link with instructions on how to repair a pst file:
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