Jul 16, 2015

Do the number of pins on a VGA cable matter?

I have an old MAG Technologies monitor from 1991, and the VGA cable only has 11 pins vs the 15 that seems to be standard. When I plug the monitor into the computer, nothing seems to happen. I'm pretty sure the monitor works, but I was wondering if only an older computer would be able to use the monitor, or if I would be able to replace the VGA connector with a 15-pin. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
each pin is responsible for it's own function so it does matter, I don't remember an 11 pin video connection, but wondering is that just on the vga cable or the monitor connection as well?
It's one of those cables that is attached to the inside of the monitor (I've taken it apart, and it looks like it's soldered in there). I'm not sure if it was a poorly done repair job or what, but I'm trying to contact the place from which I got the monitor (ebay) so they may be able to shed some light on the subject. since posting the question, I have learned much about VGA cables and what the pins are for. The ones that are missing seem to mostly be drain wires and grounds.
You might not believe this, but there were three of us discussing your question at a beer festival last night. Unfortunately, our conclusion was a pretty shaky "ummmmm, I don't think so," which is of approximately 0% help to you.

I'd love to know if you get it to work or not.
ehh...I've pretty much given up. I'll keep the damn thing in my closet until I find any info. Worst case scenario, I have a friend who is pretty much an expert at soldering. Maybe I could rig it or something. Then again, it's probably not worth the effort...
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